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Custom Jewelry Gallery


Browse these examples of one-of-a-kind jewelry, designed and created here at Morgan’s Treasure.
Learn more about the process of creating custom jewelry here. Stop in or Contact us to request a custom piece of your own!

Boulder Opal Pendant

This artistic boulder opal, with brushstroke-like flashes of purple, green, blue and red is accented with yellow sapphires in a 14Kt white gold pendant.

Pink Tanzanite Pendant

This pink tanzanite pendant is set in 14Kt yellow gold. The leaf design makes for a natural feel to the pendant.

Boulder Opal Pendant

An understated pendant in sterling silver. 18Kt yellow gold prongs hold a slender boulder opal with undercurrents of teal and violet. 

Diamond Necklace

This 14Kt white gold necklace is a great example of re-using diamonds in a piece that can be worn every day.

Kunzite Pendant

This timeless custom pendant is 14Kt yellow gold with a scroll design. The large, lilac colored gemstone is a Kunzite.

Boulder Opal Ring

This Boulder Opal ring is set with 14Kt yellow gold. It is set in a partial bezel that helps protect the opal.

Sapphire Ring

This 14Kt white gold Sapphire Ring has a unique setting complements the blue-purple coloring of the sapphire and shows off the sides of the gem.

Boulder Opal Pendant

This Boulder Opal and Champagne colored Sapphire pendant is set in 14Kt yellow gold. The setting is was made to complement the ocean blue color of the opal.

Morganite Ring

This 14Kt rose gold ring has a large oval Morganite center stone. Morganite is often set in rose gold because of the harmonious colors.

Mother’s Ring

A simple mother’s ring with emerald and amethyst, the two symbolic gems embraced by curving 14Kt white gold.

Boulder Opal Pendant

This Boulder Opal is suspended in an orbit of diamonds. The distinct opal and diamonds are set in 14Kt yellow gold.

Mother and Daughters Ring 

These two rings were designed to be worn together by a mom who would like to give them to her two daughters someday. These rings are made with 14Kt yellow gold with diamonds and rubies.

Black Opal Pendant

This beautiful Black Opal pendant is made out of 14Kt gold. We made it with a design of a birch leaf to complement the exceptional gemstone.

Mokume Gane Ring 

Mokume Gane is a technique using alternating metals fused together and patterned to reveal a unique wood grain look. This mens band is oxidized sterling silver and 18Kt yellow gold.

Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Earrings

This pair of earring is set in 14Kt white gold with Diamonds and Tahitian Pearls that have been brought to us by the customer. We gave them a fun flow to hold the diamonds.

Yellow Gold Necklace

This unique 14Kt gold necklace was designed around beads brought home from Israel- the customer’s initials in Paleo-Hebrew Script.

Three Stone Ring

This flowing 14Kt gold ring represents the past, present, and future. It was inspired by a local interpretation of A Christmas Carol and given away in a raffle at the end of the show!

Garnet and Topaz Bracelet

This modern 14Kt gold bracelet has tsavorite garnets, London blue topaz, and diamonds. The simple lines and triangular accents were inspired by the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Bezel Circle Diamond Pendant

This pendant is 14Kt white and rose gold with diamonds that have been re-purposed from a family ring.

Elephant Ring

This 14Kt white gold ring features an elephant framed by an openwork design. It was inspired by a ring from the customer’s grandmother.

Chalcedony Earrings

These 14Kt rose gold earrings have a satin finish which complements the water-like translucent chalcedony.

Rainbow Hematite Pendant

This sterling silver pendant has a beautiful rainbow hematite that sparkles. This gorgeous stone was complemented with a yellow sapphire. Both stones are in a sleek bezel setting.

boulder opal pendant, yellow gold, custom jewelryBoulder Opal Pendant

This flowing 14Kt gold pendant features an extraordinary boulder opal. A rainbow effect flashes vibrant colors in the light, including red which is the most rare. 

Bi-colored Aquamarine Pendant

This RARE aquamarine gemstone is a pure blue at the bottom and clear at the top, set in a 14Kt white gold pendant inspired by flowing water.

14Kt white gold geometric band purple sapphireLavender Sapphire Ring

This contemporary band has a striking presence on the finger. It is set with a unique, natural lavender-colored sapphire in 14Kt white gold.

gold pendant druzyDendritic Druzy Pendant

This gemstone has a subtle sparkle of crystals across the surface, and dendritic, or tree-like, inclusions that add a natural design element! The 14Kt gold frames and accentuates the pattern in the gem.

Boulder Opal Pendant

This geometric pendant features a boulder opal with interesting linear details and flashes of color. A modern design in 14Kt white gold.

Ruby Ginkgo Leaf Ring

This oval-shaped ruby from Africa is bezel set into a 14Kt yellow gold ring accented with a row of pavé-set diamonds and a ginkgo leaf carving.

Cameo Pendant

This beautiful cameo was in need of a new setting, so we designed this elegant 14Kt gold frame, inspired by the delicate carving.

 Alexandrite Pendant

The ornate design of this 14Kt white gold pendant features rare alexandrite. When under a warm candlelight, the gemstone takes on a lovely purple-red hue.

Sapphire Pendant

This 14Kt white gold pendant with classical shapes is accented with a dainty, rich blue sapphire.

Yellow and White Diamond Ring

This unique mens band is in 14Kt white gold. The clean architectural design stands out with a bold yellow diamond.

Tourmaline Crystal Pendant

Crystals of pink and green tourmaline hang in a 14Kt yellow gold pendant. Sometimes gemstones are most beautiful in their natural state!

Ruby Pendant

This pendant is set with an oval Burmese ruby in 14Kt gold. The satin-finished setting was inspired by the ornate buildings of Chicago.

Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl Ring

The cat’s eye effect of this chrysoberyl gemstone draws you in as it catches the light. Set in 14Kt gold with a curved bypass design.

Azurite-Malachite earrings

These earrings are set in 14Kt yellow gold with Azurite-Malachite gemstones. This mineral has a rich history, used by Ancient Egyptians for everything from paint pigment to jewelry for Pharaohs!

Sterling silver bracelet with fossilized palm gemstonesFossilized Palm Bracelet

This sterling silver bracelet is completely hand-fabricated, and features a pair of very unique gemstones, cut from a petrified palm tree!

Ceylon Sapphire pendant

This light blue sapphire is set in 14Kt white gold. The beauty of this elegant pendant speaks for itself.

3-Stone Ring

This ornate 14Kt white gold ring was designed around the customer’s gemstone and features diamonds in a swirling pave setting.

Druzy Pendant

This naturally sparkling white druzy, cut in the shape of a leaf, hangs gracefully from a 14Kt gold bail with 2 diamonds.

Moonstone Ring

This moonstone, with an almost mystical quality and slight blue tint, is set in a 14Kt white gold ring with a branch-like texture and gypsy-set diamonds.

Infinity Diamond Earrings

These elegant earrings in 14Kt gold dangle with diamonds cradled in the infinity design.

Amethyst and Pink Tourmaline Pendant

The rich purple of this large, fantasy-cut amethyst is accented with a pink tourmaline in a contemporary 14Kt white gold pendant.

Spessartite Garnet Ring

This 14Kt gold ring features a swirl of gingko leaves holding an orange spessartite garnet that glows like the sun.

Druzy Pendant

This sparkly druzy gemstone has been deposited with an iridescent satin finish, and the 14Kt gold setting seemingly grows around it like a vine.

Sapphire Diamond Pendant

This lovely blue cushion-cut sapphire is suspended in a 14Kt white gold setting that sparkles with pave-set diamonds. Simple yet glamorous!

Pink Sapphire Ring

This feminine 14Kt white gold ring, featuring a heart-cut pink sapphire and diamonds, was designed by a young woman as a celebration of all she has achieved!

Boulder Opal and Blue Zircon Pendant

This artistic pendant, in 14Kt white gold, shows off a flashy blue boulder opal and a brilliant blue zircon.

Druzy and Diamond Pendant

This stunning black druzy, with platinum coating its naturally sparkling crystals, doesn’t need any more than an elegant row of diamonds to complete a 14Kt white gold pendant.

Blue Topaz Pendant

This 14Kt white gold pendant features diamonds and swiss blue topaz in contemporary bezel settings.

14Kt gold ammolite pendant“Peacock” Ammolite Pendant

This 14Kt gold pendant is set with an incredibly unique ammolite gemstone. The colors flash as they catch the light and display a pattern like a peacock feather!

Boulder Opal Pendant

This fantastic purple-blue boulder opal is set in a 14Kt white gold frame.

pendant_boulder-opal-sapphires-tourmalineBoulder Opal Pendant

This colorful opal is set in a contemporary 14Kt white gold pendant accented with playful orange sapphires and a pink tourmaline.

Tanzanite Pendant

The incredible natural colors in this rare tanzanite range from a sea blue to a deep purple with green undertones. Set in brushed yellow gold with a row of pavé diamonds trailing from the stone.

Palladium Sapphire Ring

This sapphire is the most lovely shade of blue, accented with diamonds in an open design Palladium band.

Red Tourmaline PendantRed Tourmaline Pendant

This checkerboard cushion-cut tourmaline, in a warm red with hints of purple, hangs from an intricate bail in 14Kt white gold.

Custom Boulder Opal Ring with Green Tsavorite Diamond accents - Morgan's Treasure - Custom Jewelry - www.morganstreasure.comBoulder Opal Ring

Green Tsavorite garnets complement the crystalline path in this fascinating boulder opal. This large gemstone is set in 14Kt yellow gold with gypsy set diamonds on both sides.

Custom Dentritic Quartz Pendant in White Gold - Morgan's Treasure - Custom Jewelry - www.morganstreasure.comDendritic Quartz Pendant

A translucent oval quartz features dendrite (tree-like) inclusions, giving this piece an organic look. Framed in a 14Kt white gold setting.

Custom Boulder Opal Pendant with Blue Sapphires and Diamonds - Morgan's Treasure - Custom Jewelry - www.morganstreasure.comBoulder Opal Pendant

This fantastic boulder opal has a glittery appearance and catches the eye with its array of rainbow colors. The setting is 14Kt yellow gold accented by a row of pavé set blue sapphires and diamonds.

Garnet Pendant

A lovely cushion-cut garnet in a classic 14Kt white gold pendant with a row of diamonds in the bail.

Custom 14ky Gold Ginko Leaf - Morgan's Treasure - Custom Jewelry - www.morganstreasure.comGold Ginkgo Leaf Pendant

14Kt yellow gold hand-carved ginkgo leaf pendant with a beautiful texture and highly polished, reflective finish.

Boulder Opal Pendant

The vibrant blues and flashes of green set this opal apart. Set in 14Kt white gold with an organic leaf design dancing across the gemstone.

Purple Sapphire Ring in 14k White Gold with Diamond Accents - Morgan's Treasure - Custom Jewelry - www.morganstreasure.comPurple Sapphire Ring

The arms of the band swirl around this round striking purple sapphire stone to form a half-bezel. Accented with pavé-set diamonds on both sides and set in 14Kt white gold.

Pendant_Black_DruzyLeaf Druzy Pendant

This carved black druzy is set in a minimalist white gold pendant setting, with a hand-carved leaf accent hanging from the bail.

Custom Black Opal Pendant - Morgan's Treasure Custom JewelryBlack Opal Pendant

The unique shape of this black opal resembles a butterfly wing. This stone is enhanced by the 14Kt white gold setting and a ruby accent.

Custom Blue Opal Pendant with Sapphire and Diamonds - Morgan's Treasure - Custom Jewelry - www.morganstreasure.comBlue Opal Pendant

A stunning opaque blue opal nestled in 14Kt yellow gold with gypsy-set blue sapphire and diamond accents.

Custom Pendant with Diamonds and Sapphires - Morgan's Treasure - Custom Jewelry - www.morganstreasure.comDiamond & Sapphire Pendant

A circular pendant encrusted with diamonds and sapphires with a bezel-set, large center round-cut diamond. The 14Kt white gold enhances these pavé-set stones.

Custom Boulder Opal Ring set in 14k yellow gold - Morgan's Treasure - Custom Jewelry - www.morganstreasure.comBoulder Opal Ring

This gorgeous stone radiates brilliantly with fuchsia and purple with flashes of green and aqua. Set in 14Kt yellow gold with diamond accents on one side.

Custom Pearl and 14k white gold Pendant - Morgan's Treasure - Custom Jewelry

Pearl Pendant

This perfectly balanced, organic looking white gold pendant contains four round white pearls.

Custom Black Opal Pendant - Morgan's Treasure - Custom JewelryGreen Black Opal Pendant

A stunning large Black Opal stone is glowing with deep purples and flecks of green in the shifting light. Nestled in Art Nouveau-inspired two-toned vines with a Morning Glory flower and two leaves.

Custom Boulder Opal Pendant - Morgan's Treasure - Custom Jewelry - www.morganstreasure.comBoulder Opal Pendant

The charming sapphire stones perfectly balance the coloring in this white and blue boulder opal. Set in 14Kt white gold with 3 prongs and a bezel-ed top edge.

Custom Green Garnet Ring - Morgan's Treasure - Custom Jewelry - www.morganstreasure.comGreen Garnet Ring

This beautiful cushion-cut garnet found in a refreshingly bright mint green in a split prong setting with a one-of-a-kind 14Kt yellow gold Celtic style band.

Boulder Opal Earrings

These Art Nouveau inspired earrings, in 14Kt white gold, are set with diamonds to accent a one of a kind pair of boulder opals, with shades of light pink, turquoise, and flashes of green.

Custom Black Pearl Earrings - Morgan's Treasure - Custom JewelryTahitian Black Pearl Earrings

These naturally dark colored pearls reflect shades of pink, green, and grey! Set in an organic shaped 14Kt white gold with contrasting sandblasted and polished finishes.

Boulder Opal Pendant

This custom pendant has a free-form design that wraps around the large stone. This Australian boulder opal reflects all colors of the rainbow – especially greens, blues, and reds.

Tanzanite Ring

A white gold Celtic inspired band cradles this large oval Tanzanite. This stone has a phenomenal blue-violet color.

Tahitian Pearl Pendant

This beautiful cultured Tahitian Pearl is visibly flawless and reflects hues of green, blue, and a subtle pink. The setting is a classic design and contains a row of pave-set diamonds

Diamond Pendant

Four stones are aligned in a row, with rows of white gold trailing between the stones. A great way to showcase your spare diamonds!

Chalcedony Pearl Clasp

This pearl clasp contains four different colors- yellow, white, rose, and green gold! Two leaves and a vine wrap around a perfectly carved blue chalcedony stone with diamond accents.

Boulder Opal Pendant

A uniquely designed 14k white gold pendant with three prongs holding this beautiful blue-green boulder opal.

Platinum Druzy with Diamond Pendant

This beautiful druzy has been deposited with platinum to highlight its crystal structure. Set in 14Kt white gold, this pendant is accented by a diamond at the bail.

pendant_boulderopal_016Boulder Opal Pendant

A large beautiful boulder opal set in 14Kt yellow gold with a natural branch-like design. The branch design continues on the back which makes this pendant reversible!

Pendant_SapphireBlue Sapphire Pendant

This stunning blue sapphire is set in a flowing, nature-inspired 14Kt yellow gold pendant.

Ring_Rose_GoldRose Gold Ring

A free-form, graceful design, in the warm tones of 14Kt rose gold.

Custom Druzy and Gold Leaf Peandant - Morgan's Treasure - Custom JewelryNatural Druzy Pendant

This leaf cut druzy is surrounded gracefully by 14Kt yellow gold with diamond accents to highlight the natural sparkle of crystal structure of the druzy.

Custom Emerald PendantEmerald Pendant

This emerald is of exceptional quality with its rich, saturated color. The 14Kt gold setting is designed with contrasting finishes. This timeless piece is one to be passed through generations.

Boulder Opal Diamond Pendant

This vibrant multi-colored opal is displayed in a design of 14Kt gold with an accent of pave-set diamonds.

Grapevine Diamond Ring

This 14Kt white gold ring features a carved relief pattern of grape vines and leaves. The antiqued black background adds contrast and diamonds add sparkle.

Sphene Pendant

This flowing 14Kt yellow pendant is set with a unique green sphene gemstone.

14Kt white gold pendant, musical clefs, with purple sapphireMusical Purple Sapphire Pendant

This 14Kt white gold pendant portrays a combination of bass and treble clefs, with an unusual purple sapphire.

Mother’s Pendant

This 14Kt gold pendant is set with four birthstones, representing each of this mother’s children.

Diamond Pendant

This artistic pendant in 14Kt yellow gold is designed with a brushed finish on the center oval, framed by an organic scalloped design with diamonds.

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